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 Rules and Guidelines to auditioning (READ FIRST)

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Rules and Guidelines to auditioning (READ FIRST)  Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines to auditioning (READ FIRST)    Rules and Guidelines to auditioning (READ FIRST)  I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 21, 2013 4:32 pm

Basically, if you still want to audition for TST! Here are the key facts and tips for joining (^▽^)

1. Your video should over be 30 seconds! I recommend submitting a video which shows your wide-range of skills !
2. Aspect ratio should be correct! Don't use 4:3 footage and make it 16:9 ! Big nono!
3. Any editing style! If you like the same type of music as us and have different editing style! Don't worry! (*^▽^*)
4. PLEASE leave a comment on why you want to join! (critical)
5. I recommend not using main stream animes such as bleach, naruto, one piece, fairy tail.
6. No Logos, subtitles, japanese credits on your clips

-What we are looking for-

1. Dedication and Commitment
2. Activeness
3. Cooperation
4. Friendliness

Remember: I will constantly checking the videos that will be submitted here! I see this group as a full-time job for me as the amount of effort and dedication is put into this.
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Rules and Guidelines to auditioning (READ FIRST)
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