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 [TST] TrueSpiriTeam :: [TST] Amv Vault Rules :: Read before posting!

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Andy Mees
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Members TST
Andy Mees

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PostSubject: [TST] TrueSpiriTeam :: [TST] Amv Vault Rules :: Read before posting!   Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:23 am

Welcome to the “Amv Vault” part of the TST Forum.

This part of the forum is to post amv’s, tutorials to create amv’s or anything related to amv’s for that matter.  Please read and follow the few rules we have to keep the forum clean.

1. Creating a topic to promote your videos is allowed. But do not spamm the forum with 10 threads for 10 different videos on a single day. We want every editor to get a chance to show thier favorite videos.

2. Videos (amv’s) from editors from other studios are allowed, however do not post promotional videos for other studios. This forum is provided to editors by TrueSpiritTeam, please respect this fact.

3. Giving feedback is allowed, both in a positive and negative way. But when you do give feedback or comment do it in a respectfull way.

4. Bumping your own threads is not allowed.

5. No offensive, harmfull or sexual videos. The posting of hentai (or likewise) videos will result in a permanent bann from the forums. If you are unsure to weither your video is against the rules, contact an administrator for approval.

6. When you see a user violating any of the above rules please contact one of the administrators.  (BlackStormAmv, Andy Mees, etc) Together we can keep a clean and active forum.

That said, I hope everybody has a good time and gets a chance to see new videos. If you have any questions feel free to contact me (Andy Mees) or any of the other administrators.


Andy Mees
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[TST] TrueSpiriTeam :: [TST] Amv Vault Rules :: Read before posting!
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